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Gaining trust in an established market
Client Poket Hardware GmbH, Germany
Date October 2017 - December 2017
Market Research


Poket Hardware GmbH is a startup founded in 2014. Their core product is an ethernet cable testing device named Pockethernet. The ingenious hardware and software design enable them to sell for a quarter of the price of their competitors. Generating solid sales, the founders asked me to establish a coherent brand design to guide them in their next phase of growth.

Pockethernet device in action


The brand strategy process was divided into five sequential phases:

Strategic design plan

Research - I started by analysing the current market space, produced statistics on the competition and mapping them in relation to each other. This helped us to determine how Pockethernet differentiates and can potentially differentiate in the long run.
Next, I focused on the customers. To get a better picture of what type of customers I had to design for, I immersed myself into the world of ethernet technicians to get a better sense of what type of communication attracts them and what they value in ethernet tools.
Finally, an internal communication audit was executed to indicate the status quo of Pockethernet's communication.

Analysis - Based on these three analyses: competitor, customer and internal review we discussed the findings and discussed the current strategy and mission. The outcomes of these meetings set the key directives for the brand design phase.
Since Pockethernet is a newcomer in a well-established market, we had two key missions: showing the innovativeness of the device and building trust as a reliable technology partner.

Design - After redesigning of the logo, redefined colour scheme and other brand elements, I produced a mini brand guide which was the basis for further proposals how the brand needs to be implemented throughout all channels, including web design, digital ads and explanatory videos.


The redesigned brand is currently being implemented throughout Pockethernet’s communication channels. The mini brand guide and templates help them to bring a coherent message across to establish an innovative and trustworthy brand.

Pockethernet redesigned logo
Pockethernet mini brand guide
Brand design implemented in explanatory video (snippet)