Strategy Consulting for the Design Age

DesignStrategy is a design-driven strategy consultancy based in London.

By fusing academic insight with a practical design-driven approach, we help companies redesign and communicate their strategy.

Our approach is iterative, engaging and rapid.


We believe that a strategy needs to make sense to all stakeholders and need to be easily remembered, communicated and shared.

Our DesignStrategy approach makes values concrete, align visions to enhance strategy communication. By surfacing cultural values and using storytelling and visualising techniques, we create compelling strategy stories.


Through interactive design-driven strategy workshops we help companies and teams to articulate their cultural values, co-design their strategy and visualise it.

Visual storytelling

Strategies can be communicated through various mediums. We have a network of professional designers, videomakers, developers and strategist to develop engaging cross-platform strategy stories.

Radius app

Radius is a prototype Strategy by Design tool that helps teams see the bigger picture and become more strategic.

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Dr Antonius van den Broek

Antonius is a design strategist, researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University in London.
His research focuses on strategy and culture, particularly in creative contexts. He has worked in the design industry for 10 years in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and UK.

Join the program

We are currently optimising our visual tools and like to hear from small to medium sized businesses or teams that want to test our workshops and tools.

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